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Quality Materials

Quality Materials Quality, in the home improvement industry, is defined as superiority of kind, or a grade of excellence.  Materials are usually graded as economy, mid-range, or high-end (premium) quality. Economy Grade These products should be avoided at all costs.  The life expectancy of economy grade products is very short—usually around two times shorter than […]

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DeWalt Cordless 1/2″ Drill

DeWalt Cordless 1/2″ Drill Variable Speed Manufacturer:  DeWalt Model:  DC759 Battery:  18V RPMs:  0-450 & 0-1,500 Cost:  $250 The DC759 was for a long time the most used tool in my arsenal of weapons of mass construction.  It was the first cordless drill I bought and I have not “switched”.  However, the one I currently […]

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Black & Decker Oscillating Multi-tool

Black & Decker Oscillating Multi-tool Manufacturer:  Black & Decker Model:  BD200MT Amperage: 2 OPM: 20,000 Cost:  $90   I cannot say enough about Oscillating Multi-tools (OMTs).  OMTs are a relatively new type of tool on the home improvement market and are fast becoming the most purchased tools after the cordless drill.  These tools do just […]

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DeWalt DW317 Jigsaw

DeWalt Jigsaw Manufacturer:  DeWalt Model:  DW317 Amperage: 5.5 SPMs:  3,100 Cost:  $120 I perform a lot of scroll type sawing on jobs, especially when doing finish carpentry.  Needing a “beefy” jigsaw was a must.  Over the years I probably owned a half dozen jigsaws but really never found one that satisfied me.  There are your Skills, Black & […]

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DeWalt Circular Saw

DeWalt Circular Saw – 7.25 inch Manufacturer:  DeWalt Model:  DW364 Amperage:  15 RPMs:  5,800 Cost:  $176 This is the fourth circular saw that I have had since 2004.  However, the first three saws gave up the ghost in the first year.  The first saw was a 15 year old Skill saw that had only occasional use.  When […]

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Tool Reviews

Often when I show up on a jobsite, the customer is more interested in the tools I have in my truck than in anything else.  People just seem to have a fascination with them. When making home repairs and remodeling, you must have the right tools for the job.  Here you will find my personal and […]

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Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding Vinyl siding is becoming one of the most popular forms of home improvement.  It is a kind of two headed creature.  Some scoff because of its “synthetic” nature.  Arguing that it takes away the originality of the homes architecture.  However, advances in the technology of producing “vinyl” siding have made vinyl siding a very worthy alternative.  Manufacturers […]

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation   While this is not a guide for installing the actual fan, it does contain some very important information about making sure your fan GETS properly installed. By properly installed I am talking about the venting and insulating of the exhaust fan. I have seen installations that have vented the air […]

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