What Is A Good Price?

What Is A Good Price?

Price is the cost at which a project material is obtained. It is not, however, the dollar amount which you pay at the checkout. That is only one part of the cost of a material.

Other hidden costs include

  • potential replacement from inferior materials
  • damage to your home from faulty materials
  • discomfort because of dysfunctional materials
  • personal injury due to broken materials

When you include all of these factors in your budget planning, suddenly a respectable and higher quality material begins to look like a pretty good deal. Unfortunately, the price at the checkout is the number one factor, both for DIY’ers and contractors, in determining the materials used in a home improvement project.

This should not be the case. Materials used, whether by DIY or contractor, should be determined by the following criteria:

  • Quality needed for the job
  • Protection of your home from damage
  • Comfort
  • Safety of your family from faulty materials

A contractor’s—and indeed the DIY’s—highest priority in purchasing materials must be safety. Unfortunately, DIY’ers usually choose cheap because of dollar layout. Contractors may choose cheap for a number of reasons.

How can you know which materials meet your criteria? You must be an informed consumer and do the research on the materials in question. Begin by asking your contractor. A good contractor will know which materials are of higher quality. If he cannot or will not answer that question, it would be wise to choose another contractor.

When you do your research, be sure to compare prices of like-quality materials. Consider the criteria above when researching potential materials and setting a project budget. Ask yourself, is the economy price at the checkout worth the risk of those hidden costs? I encourage my customers to pick out the materials they like, but I also educate them on quality.

Keep in mind that you may find high quality materials offered at different prices in different stores. Often stores will match price in order to get your business.

And finally, remember that quality and price do not always go hand and hand. Knowing the quality grades of materials will help you to find the true best prices.

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Posted January 18, 2012 by chris in Planning