Tool Reviews

Tool Reviews

Usually when I show up on a jobsite, many customers are interested in the tools I have in my truck and it is not always the men.  People just seem to have a fascination with tools, whether power tools or hand tools.

I have instructed many people on what to look for in a tool.  Trust me, I bang up my tools on a regular basis.  I have a tendency to use my tools in some unorthodox manners as well.  But, we will not be getting into that subject.

When making home repairs and remodeling, you have to have the right tools for the job.  There are tools for specific tasks, sometimes it might only be one specific task.  There are tools that do multiple tasks, which are usually the tools I abuse because I seem to invent tasks for the tool.

I am probably what my wife would call a tool junky.  I walk into Menards or Lowes and I most always head over to the tool section and see what’s new or improved.  Don’t tell my wife but sometimes I buy one because I know I’ll find a use for it.

This section of Your HomeWorks, LLC’s website is my personal and professional tool review.  I will feature tools that I use on a regular basis and maybe ones that I use once a year.  But I want to give people a true real-world-on-the-job analysis of a tool’s quality and usefulness.  I will either make a recommendation to purchase a tool or steer away from that particular brand.

When you see the pictures of the tools I review, they will not be brochure quality images where the tools are nice, neat and pretty.  You will see the tools as I have them.  You will sometimes see little add-ons that I have put on the tool to accomplish something that didn’t come in the box.  Like adding tape to the botton of the guide plate of a jigsaw to protect my workpiece.  You will definitely see mars, scrapes, and scratches on my tools.  But this will show you if that tool will take a beating and still perform to a contractor’s satisfaction.  If they can take a lick on a daily basis and still perform, then they will most definitely perform for the DIY’ers out there.

So, sit back and enjoy the articles.  I will add new tools to the review list over time, so keep checking back.  If you want to be notified of new tools added to the reviews, drop me an email and I will add you to the list.

Skil Circular Saw

Porter Cable Oscillating MultiTool

DeWalt Circular Saw

DeWalt Jigsaw

Black & Decker Oscillating Multitool

DeWalt 18V Cordless 1/2″ Drill

Posted January 31, 2013 by chris