Porter Cable Oscillating MultiTool

Porter Cable Oscillating MultiTool

Model: PCE605

Manufacturer: Porter Cable

Amperage: 3

Cost: $80


Porter Cable PCE605 Oscillating MultiTool

Oh my, it was a sad day. If you read a previous tool review I did (January 31, 2013) on the Black & Decker Oscillating MultiTool (OMT) you would notice how much I loved that tool. I believe I bought it some time around 2010.  Well, it finally gave up the ghost this past spring (2018) after rugged daily use.

There’s a little story about that tool that leads to my current OMT. A few years back I was working at project and I left behind the tool unknowingly.  It was a few days later at another job that I needed my OMT.  It was nowhere to be found. Well, as always, I went to the closest hardware store to see if I could find a replacement. I could not find a B&D OMT, so I purchased a Porter Cable.  It had all the same features as my B&D and pretty much looked like the same tool in a different color scheme.  Technically it is the same tool since B&D owns Porter Cable. It wasn’t but a few days more when I got a call from the customer I was working for where I forgot my B&D OMT. They found it outside and called to tell me I could come by and pick it up. The tool had been left outside and it had rained.  To my delight, the B&D OMT still worked and I proceeded to use it for many years afterward.  I put the PC OMT in “storage” as a backup. Then the B&D went to the big toolbox in the sky.

The review on the PCE605 will be short.  It is an exact duplicate of the B&D OMT but just wears a different uniform.

OMTs in general are fantastic tools. If you purchase one I would recommend a corded tool.  The new battery type are fine for small stuff but daily heavy duty work will drain battery after battery.  As for brands, the first one was a Rockwell Sonicrafter and sold for about $170, but competition has brought that price down to about $90.  Most OMTs are in that price range now. B&D, PC, and DeWalt OMTs are the exact same tool because they all are part of Black & Decker.  Also, B&D had the first OMT to have a quick change blade mechanism but all of them have them now.  I would stay away from the cheap models you find in “bins” or at Harbor Freight.  Sure you will pay only $30 – $40 but they will not last for heavy duty work (been there, done that).

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