Skil SPT77W Circular Saw

Skil SPT77W Circular Saw

Skil SPT77W Circular Saw – 7.25″

Manufacturer: Skil

Model: SPT77W

Amperage: 15

RPM: 5300

Cost: $256

Skil SPT77W Circular Saw

Since my last review of my circular saw (June 12, 2014), I have purchased the Skil SPT77W Worm drive circular saw.  However keep in mind my review of the DeWalt tool is still valid.  I had to purchase my new saw due to my old saw falling out of my truck on the highway and I didn’t realize it until I got to the jobsite. That is a story in itself, but we will concentrate on the new saw.

So…I was forced to look for a new saw.  I strongly thought of purchasing the same saw, but I was drawn to an upgrade.  I was looking for some more power and something more robust.  Worm drive saws have had my fascination for quite some time.  Seeing them being used by seasoned veterans made me take the jump.

The SPT77W circular saw is a beast.  This is probably the last saw I am likely to purchase and if I do have to replace it, I will purchase the exact same one.  The weight of the tool tells me a lot, it weighs 14.5 pounds.  Though the housing is aluminum, the worm drive is beefy. The table plate is steel and the only plastic is the handle coating.  When you set this tool on your work piece the weight of the tool keeps it from traveling on you.  Cutting straight lines is so much easier, even without a fence.

Worm drive equals torque.  The amount of torque is evident when cutting, it just does not bog down.

The saw has all the basic features of a circular saw such as bevel and depth settings, and fence attachment. This saw also comes with a built on joist/rafter hook.

Being a worm drive, it is a good idea to purchase Skil worm drive oil.  Most likely it will be sometime before you actually have to use it, it is a good idea to treat it like you would your vehicle. Make sure to follow Skil recommended instructions. That being said, worm drives do not like cold starts.  If you are planning to use this tool in cold weather it is best to store in a warm environment prior to using. If you are on the jobsite, having a space heater or “torpedo” heater around is great, just don’t have the tool too close as to melt plastic parts.

One thing I had to get used to was the blade face is on the left side of the saw.  For a right hander this is great. I had to train myself to make my measurements left to right if I wanted to have the blade face on the correct side of my line.  However, I had to do the same thing with my mitre saw anyway.

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