Insulate Those Pipes

Insulate Those Pipes

Got a crawlspace?  It’s a sure bet that if you have water pipes in it they will freeze if not properly insulated.

You can choose from a couple of types of pipe insulation.  One is much like the insulation in your walls and attic.  It is small rolled strips of fiberglass that you simply wrap around the pipe, usually held in place with duct or electrical tape.  The second is a foam tube with a slit down one side that allows you to slip it over the pipe.  It then self-adheres to seal the pipe inside the insulation.

I personally like both methods….together.  You can never over-insulate pipe.  First put the foam on the pipe then wrap it with the fiberglass.

In the most drastic cases, heating tape will keep those pipes toasty.  However, great care and caution must be exercised with this material as it does pose a fire risk.  When installed properly and checked everyday, it can prevent frozen pipes when no other method can.

Posted November 22, 2011 by chris in Winterize