Prepare Your Heating System

Prepare Your Heating System

One of the most important tasks to perform in your home for winter is preparing your heating system.

Furnace Check

Before cold weather arrives, get your furnace checked by a qualified heating and cooling technician.  They will make sure your unit is running in a clean and efficient manner.  They will also advise you as to the overall health of the unit.

Clean Vents

Next, make sure all your vents, both heat registers and return air ducts, are clear of obstructions, such as your children’s Legos…I speak from experience.  Take off the grates and vacuum.

Remove Obstructions

Third, check the exhaust outlets (chimney or vent pipes) and ensure they are clear of obstructions.  Birds and other critters love to make homes out of these spaces.  Plugged exhaust outlets can be deadly if they fail to remove the poisonous carbon monoxide (CO) gases.

You should also check the exhaust outlet of your gas or propane water heater.  In the winter you will be closing up your house and you want that CO to get out.

Change Filters

It’s always a good idea to have plenty of filters on hand for the season.  Check with your technician for the proper filter for your unit.

Posted November 22, 2011 by chris in Winterize