Weatherstripping Windows and Doors

Weatherstripping Windows and Doors

Have you ever held candle near an outside door in the winter?  I have, and I’ve seen it flicker from the gale force winds coming through the gaps.  The furnace was working overtime and it was still cold in the house.

It is a scientific fact that the wind blows longer and harder in the winter.  This is because cold air is heavier, more dense, and faster moving than warm air.

Meteorology is one of my favorite subjects, in case you couldn’t tell…

Regardless of the reason for the wind, if you have the slightest gap in your old door or window, that wind will come through it.

Thank goodness you can do something about it!  Weatherstripping kits and supplies abound at all home improvement stores.  You just have to make sure you actually apply the materials once you purchase them…

Of course, you can always contact your local home improvement guy and he’ll come take care of it for you.

Posted November 22, 2011 by chris in Winterize